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Tanweer Movement – NGO

We are Tanweer Movement

Tanweer movement is NGO aims to create a humanist society believe in Tolerance and accepting others, and reject the violence in all its forms, through spreading the principles of Human Rights, and Equality and non- discrimination,through human rights projects and cultural and artistic activities.

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The Movement Aims


To promote and reinforce the principles of diversity, acceptance and tolerance among the society.

Cultures communication

To build global bridges of communication and constructive partnership between all cultures.

Human Rights

To Promote universal human rights values and total equality, To strengthen the role of civil society, to voice human rights defenders and activists’ concerns, in Libya and MENA region. and To create a safe space and platform for activists, human rights defenders and members of different minorities to have a voice and share experience and stories.

Anti Violence

Combating all types of violence and abuse, and pushing towards achieving global peace.

Critical Mind

Encouraging intellectual creativity and innovation by contributing into the building of the society’s critical mind beyond the bounds of any limits or restrictions.


To challenge and eliminate all forms of discrimination on grounds of race, colour, sexual orientation, gender, language, religion, views, nationality or social origins, economic background, birth or any other condition.

Projects & Events

T+ Platform

We have created our first live podcast platform. It has offered an open space discussion for many young individuals holding different views on the process of how the future of human rights, equality and politics could be shaped in Libya.


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424 campaign

societal awareness campaign

A societal awareness campaign focused on discriminatory laws based on gender. One of the most important laws was related to rape victims, which exempts a rapist from punishment in case he marries the victim.

This project had a major impact on Libyan society by bringing awareness on social media and also attracted television coverage. Many influential people and Activists adopted the campaign.

open space cover


Panel discussion

A discussion panel which covered issues and reasons that contributed to the problem of underdevelopment specifically in Arab speaking countries in the MENA region and also in Muslim majority societies in general. We have received diverse views on what solutions might overcome the crisis of underdevelopment.
7 days, 15 speakers

LIBYA - 2004/01/01: Libya, Near Tripoli, Sabratha, The Roman Museum, Mosaic, Detail. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Libya mosaic project

Blogging Project

A project to introduce different Libyan personalities to express the difference and diversity of Libyan society, the diversity of identity, religion and gender. Through personal and intimate blogging.

5 experiences
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Human rights cases

supporting freedom of expression

Legal and logistical support for 3 freedom of expression and women rights cases.






used books fastival

Used Book Festival

Give your book a new life

It was the first activity of the Tanweer movement in Libya, the 2nd hand Book Festival, which took place in Tripoli on April 21, 2013. The festival lasted for three days under the slogan “Give your book a new life”.


Sociology Workshop

Interactive Education ( 2 Weeks )

The movement organized an interactive Sociology workshop which sought to introduce social science concepts, theories and ideas in an interactive manner aimed at establishing critical and rational thinking in society.

Tanweer first workshop

Tanweer 1st Workshop

Tolerance / Human Rights / Enlightenment Era History

On 20th August 2013, Tanweer Movement launched its first educational workshops for the young generation. The workshop lasted three days, (20 – 22 August 2013).


Human Rights Seminar

Lecture and panel discussion

A lecture on human rights and human rights international conventions, where human rights from Natural Law vs. Positivism perspectives were discussed.                                                                                


Sarcastic Day

Stand Up Comedy Show

As part of its activities in support of modern art and freedom of expression, the movement organized a day of satire and cynicism, which included a panel discussion on comedies and satire. The event also included a stand-up comedy stage time to a number of local talents.


Secular state Workshop

Panel discussion

Tanweer movement organized a workshop on the concept of the secular state: its definition and contextual requirements. Foundations of the secular state, i, as well as the social contract that preserves and maintains the existing state of affairs.


Identity Concept Workshop

Panel discussion

    Tanweer movement organized a workshop entitled “The Concept of Identity” – its various problems and definitions. It included a panel discussion and interaction on the concept of identity, its different forms and definitions.        


Jad Alssary Award

Jad Alssary Blogging Award

The award aims to promote e-blogging and promote freedom of expression and creativity and the concept of e-blogging, which is based on free speech away from the cultural, ordinary, and traditional constraints of the world.            


(The voice of youth: culture … art … creativity), under this slogan Tanweer movement organized the one of the most important and largest activities in partnership with (Huna Libya) one of the projects of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), on Dec 25, 2015 at Al-Mahari Hotel venue, VYCAN cultural event was held, it was a one day event, designed to be a panorama of art, culture and creativity.

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Do you want to be a member of Tanweer Movement ?

You can now be a member in Tanweer Movement by filling out the membership form.

Tanweer Observatory

Through its observatory, the Tanweer Movement aims to promote individual and intellectual freedoms, to monitor and document cases of intellectual repression historically, and to provide information to all human rights activists to advocate for these issues and to press for non-repetition of violations and preventing their recurrence.

Tanweer Observatory

Breaking the wall of silence.


Monitor violations against individual and intellectual freedoms in the region, and violations of freedom of religion and belief.


Documenting cases of intellectual repression, freedom of expression and belief, And to issue detailed reports on these issues.


Communication with international organizations and the media, and coordination to advocate these issues, and to Break their isolation.

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