To promote and reinforce the principles of diversity, acceptance and tolerance among the society.

Cultures communication

To build global bridges of communication and constructive partnership between all cultures.

Human Rights

To Promote universal human rights values and total equality, To strengthen the role of civil society, to voice human rights defenders and activists’ concerns, in Libya and MENA region. and To create a safe space and platform for activists, human rights defenders and members of different minorities to have a voice and share experience and stories.

Anti Violence

Combating all types of violence and abuse, and pushing towards achieving global peace.

Critical Mind

Encouraging intellectual creativity and innovation by contributing into the building of the society’s critical mind beyond the bounds of any limits or restrictions.


To challenge and eliminate all forms of discrimination on grounds of race, colour, sexual orientation, gender, language, religion, views, nationality or social origins, economic background, birth or any other condition.

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