(The voice of youth: culture … art … creativity), under this slogan Tanweer movement organized the one of the most important and largest activities in partnership with (Huna Libya) one of the projects of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), on Dec 25, 2015 at Al-Mahari Hotel venue, VYCAN cultural event was held, it was a one day event, designed to be a panorama of art, culture and creativity.

The event included many cultural activities, a panel discussion entitled “The Crisis of Reading in Libya – publication challenges or society reluctance” the event discussion panel represented by author Hussein Al-Muzzadawi, writer Mansour Abu Shanaf, novelist Mohammed Al-Na’as and Hisham Al-Farajani; representative of Al-Fergiani publishing home.

The event also featured the award-winning film “Between the Ropes” directed by Naziha Aribi, and the Saudi film “Wajda” written and directed by Haifa Al-Mansour, a 2013 best foreign language Oscar nominated film. A saxophone performance by the artist Fouad El Amir.

‘’Khalifah Al-Fakhri’s’’ short story competition winner was announced, with the 1st place prize awarded to novelist Mohammed Al-Na’as for his novel Majnoon Al-Ghazala. The 2nd place award winner was the story of Al-Soor by Fayrouz Salem, and in the 3rd place Reem Al-Tombakti for Al-Raqs Akheeran. The competition featured a wide participation of 290 short story contestants. Libyan blogger Fatima Al-Sherif has also won Jad Al-Sari 2015 blog of the year award for her “Khawater Bint Al-Sharif” blog.


Reading Crisis in Libya

First panel discussion


Cultural projects in Libya

Second panel discussion


Jad Alssary Award

Blogging Award


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