The Enlightenment Movement, in partnership with Huna Libya, launched one of the 2015 World Radio Netherlands (Jad Al Sari e-blogging) projects, in the belief that the movement is moving towards the era of free writing and citizen journalism. The prize aims to promote e-blogging and promote freedom of expression Creativity and support and encouragement of young pens in Libya # on blogging and electronic writing, the concept of e-blogging is based on the liberation of the word, the idea, the meaning of its traditional constraints to the space of the world.

Who is #Jad_Street? Is a Libyan blogger (1986-2011) who was one of Libya’s best-known bloggers. He was one of the first bloggers in Libya and one of the pioneers of Internet application developers in Libya. He presented many innovative and pioneering ideas and projects, the first of the Vlogging initiatives, Names that contributed to the spread and promotion of blogging. All his writings and activities were codified under the name of Gad Sari, the award was named in honor of his contributions.

The award was won by Fatima Al-Sherif, for her blog “The Barter Eternal” and for her blog entries for 2015 in her winning blog “Khawater Bint Al-Sharif”.

The blog “Khawater Bint Al Sherif” expressed the utmost honesty by recording her personal experiences. She broke the silence and broke taboos. She opened up thorny issues in domestic violence, discrimination, rights and immigration. She courageously expressed the Libyan girl and presented her problems with simplicity and pleasure. .

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