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Tanweer Observatory – Tanweer Movement

Tanweer Observatory


Stealing and hiding the statue of Ghazala

On Tuesday morning, November 4, 2014, many previous attempts to sabotage the statue of Ghazala culminated in the disappearance of one of Tripoli’s most prominent features.


Confiscation of books in Almarj City

"Shia and Jewish and ISIS books and Sufi poetry Books, The Muslim Brotherhood books, pornographic and secular Books", the Ministry of Religious Affairs described the confiscated books in Almarj city in the East of Libya.


Arrest of Earth Hour Ceremony organizers

After organizing a concert to mark the Earth Hour in Benghazi, four young people are arrested for organizing the event and facing a number of flimsy charges.


ِArrest of Comic con Libya Organizers

"West-funded festivals want to keep young people away from their religion." The force of RADDA says: "The organizers of this festival have been arrested for their acts of decadence and acts against the values of society."


Attacks on the writers of Sun on closed windows book

“An immoral book that destroys the values of society. We have to arrest the writers involved and kill them”, these are the words that were spread on the book "Sun on closed windows"


Destruction of Sufi sanctuaries and monuments

Extreme Islamic groups destroyed the Sufi sanctuaries and monuments in Libya because they considered them as blasphemy.

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